You Are Not Alone.

Coronavirus has reaffirmed many things. Our community’s resilience. Our ability to work together to face global issues. And perhaps most importantly, the fact that we’re all so powerfully interconnected.

While many of us remain uncertain about what COVID-19 impacts might mean in our personal, professional and even community lives – we are certain that this is and will continue to be difficult for all of us in myriad, different ways.

We also know adjusting to everything that comes with this new normal has been less about logistics and more about mental and emotional bandwidth.

And we want you to know that you’re not alone.

If you’re feeling like you’re lost at sea, overwhelmed by the constant bad news: You’re not alone.

If you’re looking for ways to disassociate from the news in a form of self-preservation: You’re not alone.

If you’re hustling to get new connections together to fight this thing together: You’re not alone.

If you’re leading a team of weary, front-line, uncertain workers: You’re not alone.

If you’re battling surges of emotions, good and bad, as we all learn what this could mean: You’re not alone.

If you’re worried you’re not up to your usual badassery: You’re not alone.

In NONE of this, are you alone.

Sure, we may be socially isolated. But we’re not alone.

In fact, we’re more together than ever before. Just for the time being, together apart.

Be well and please share the resources that are helping you stay that way…And if we can be one of them, please give us a shout.