The Circular Economy, Changemakers, and the Chronology of Kindness

What? It’s almost April? What the…Well, as time waits for no one, let’s get a move on and jump right into it then, shall we? And don’t forget there’s a special lagniappe at the end of the newsletter, and this time it’s a new color spectrum for kindness.

Social Impact Thought for the Day
“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” Yoda
(Applies to All 17 #SDGs)

Looking for an Eco-Friendly Phone Case?
Of course, you are, because you’re a Circular Economy All-Star! Well, we just got turned on to Pela, a fellow B Corp, and its fab earth-based cases for iPhone and Android (Samsung, Google & Huawei). The world’s first 100% commercially compostable phone cases, plus they’ll even upcycle or recycle your old phone case for you. We’re giving them 5+ stars. #SDG4 and #SDG12

What Happens When Leaders Realize THEY Are The Problem
The boss felt he wasn’t living up to engaging our team around the B Corp Certification. This insight led to the development of a new online learning product, B Corp Basics. You can read more about it here on B The Change Media. #SDG4 and #SDG12

Full of Rage About AAPI Hate Crimes?
So are we. And here’s one thing you can do about it: Support the cause ($$$), people. Here are a few groups doing incredible work dismantling systems of oppression and providing direct support to our Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community members (#SDG10):

Five Black Environmentalists Who’ve Earned Their Place in the 1%
We’re a member of 1% for the Planet and it does a fantastic job in this article of shining an inspirational light on intersectionality in the environmental movement, from a high school student to the “most influential marine biologist” of our time. #SDG13

We Live in a Welcoming City
We love our headquarters city, and one of the reasons is that Boise is a certified “Welcoming City.” This fantastic article from Atlas Obscura covers just one of many benefits our city has received by opening its arms to immigrants and refugees – a delicious and zesty uplifting to our food scene cuisine. Great editorial design, too. Read here. #SDG10

Today’s Lagniappe
Finally, here’s a small gift for you in the form of a new color spectrum for kindness. At least that’s the way we’re choosing to look at this article, Every Color of Cardigan Mister Rogers Wore from 1979-2001. Be sure to check out the trippy chronological pattern, which is teased in this issue’s masthead above. (Once again, how could Mister Rogers NOT stand for every single #SDG?)

What are all those #SDGs hashtags? The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are “a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.”

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