Social Enterprises: Report for Duty.

It’s time for social enterprises to report for duty.

Impact report, that is.

We’ve joined forces with RoundPeg, another B Corp, to co-create a survey to help our community better understand how social enterprises are creating their impact—and how they are reporting it.

For some, reporting impact is an imperative. For public benefit corporations, it’s actually a statutory requirement that comes with the territory of having claimed this legal structure.

And for every social enterprise, impact reporting presents both a challenge and an opportunity: While it comes at an organizational cost as regards time and precious resources to manage things like measurement, data collection, analysis, third-party standards, and marketing communications, it also creates a compelling platform to tell a positive story and demonstrate the truth of your work.

Please help our community by taking the survey. It only takes 5-10 minutes to complete (honest!), plus you’ll be entered in a drawing for a $150 gift certificate from fellow B Corp Patagonia. We will also share the results with those who participate in the research.

And of course, we’d appreciate it if you’d use your influence and share it across your professional networks as well. You can download social media assets we’ve created to make sharing easy and convenient.

We’re at a transformational point in time, this world of ours. With the accelerating growth of our community of public benefit corporations, mission-driven businesses, B Corps and other forms of social enterprises, we have the ability to push the world forward to a better way of doing business. And in this world, impact reporting takes center stage. It is how we tangibly and transparently demonstrate the power of our business models to discerning stakeholders: our fellow employees, our communities, our supply partners, our investors, and to the environment which provides the natural capital upon which we all depend.

Let’s figure out how we can all do a better job of it—the world is looking to us for leadership, and it so desperately needs our impact right now.

Take the Survey