2020 sure keeps the punches comin’. And this week in our HQ’s hometown of Boise, Idaho, we’ve certainly been in the ring. From record high COVID cases, to disrupted Central District Health Meetings on account of unruly protests it’s been trying to say the least. So, you might not blame us when we initially wanted to walk into the sea when we learned that one of our city’s most beloved monuments, The Idaho Anne Frank Memorialhad been vandalized by white supremacists. 

But we did not.  

Instead, we’re turning our righteous rage into action by working with Executive Director, Dr. Dan Prinzing of the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights, which led the development of the Anne Frank Memorial Project, and we’re rallying with the community around a fundraising effort to support installation of a security system to protect the Memorial. 

Any funds donated above and beyond the $5,000 to provide the educational park with security cameras will be utilized for community education resources and programming via the Wassmuth Center. Their educational tools and programs aim to dismantle the types of vitriolic ideology that led to this hate-fueled act 

So, on this, International Human Rights Day and the first night of Hanukkah’s festival of lights, we invite you to join us in protecting and supporting both the Memorial and the critically important work of the Wassmuth Center. 

Join us as we come together with our community to BE the light. 

BE the light that exposes this white supremacy for what it is and denounce hatred, bigotry, and racism in every way you can. 

BE the light that guides us towards a brighter future – one that is inclusive, recognizes our intersectionality, and inter-connectedness and brings out the best in all of us. 

We are and we must BE better by shining brighter – for all 

Donations to help protect the Memorial and to support the Wassmuth Center can be made directly at 

The community will also be holding a virtual vigil next Monday, Dec. 14th 2020. Details to follow.