Three B Corps Walk Into A Bar 

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Three B Corps Walk Into A Bar 

Just kidding, as there’s not much of that happening these days. But what does happen when three B Corps get together during the pandemic and start virtually plotting and scheming? We’ve joined together with two other B Corps, Roundpeg and Unity Web Agency, to start a new company called Unit Co that is building a platform to help small businesses measure and report their impact. Read more#SDG17 

Here’s What You’ve Been Searching For 

Ecosia, a Certified B Corp, is a search engine that fights climate change. How? It uses ad revenue generated by your searches to plants trees in parts of the world that need them most. User searches have planted 119 million trees so far and counting. You can get the free browser extension here#SDG13 

It Just Feels Good 

Social enterprise startups are increasingly raising capital on Wefunder, an equity crowdfunding service that connects startups with investors online. We’ve invested (modestly) in three B Corps. It’s a great way to support local businesses and social enterprises to help them scale their impact, while getting a small slice of the ownership upside. Plus, it just feels good. Here’s one hometown social enterprise we invested in that’s currently raising funds on the platform. #SDG17

Inspiration Alley: Dolores Huerta 

Don’t know who she is? Until last summer, neither did we—shame on us! So we set out to change that by honoring her with a giant portrait on our Inspiration Alley mural project (and you can see her mural here). Dolores is a revered social justice champion who’s still fighting the good fight at age 90. Sí, Se Puede! You can learn more about Dolores and her foundation’s work here#SDG5, #SDG10 

How Women are Changing the Philanthropy Game 

Women have always powered nonprofits. And philanthropy. (And just about everything else, while we’re at it.) It’s inspiring to see women taking center stage with their views and voices, either individually or through the creative evolution of collective giving. A great read from the New York Times in this in-depth article#SDG5 

And Something to Animate You 

We’re big fans of motion design, animation—and documentaries. Lady and the Dale is a fascinating story of a fast-talking con artist taking on the auto industry back in the ‘70s, made all the more captivating by Sean Donnelly’s creative use of animation. If you’ve got HBO, it’s worth the watch. (Not certain which SDG to tag, but we’ll give it an #SDG10 and #SDG13 for reasons you’ll see when you watch the doc.)

What are all those #SDGs hashtags? The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are “a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.”

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