It’s evident that our world is facing not just one, but two pandemics right now: Covid-19 and racism. (Three pandemics, if you consider climate change, but that’s an ongoing story for another day.)

As a small company in Boise, Idaho, it may seem like we can’t have much of an impact on either of those fronts, but actually – we can. As a B Corp, we were built for this type of work; we use our platform, our voice, and our means to actively dismantle racism and protect our communities from the lasting ramifications of Covid-19.

That’s exactly why we’re helping to catalyze a new startup business here in Boise by joining forces with S H E (Style Her Empowered). S H E is a Boise-based non-profit organization that works to empower girls and womxn through education and fair-wage employment opportunities. S H E employs womxn to create circular products, such as adaptable school uniforms and reusable menstrual pads, that are changing lives and helping to create a more sustainable future for all of us.

S H E is starting a new operation in Boise to employ first-class seamstresses, many of whom come from refugee communities, to create apparel products with an initial emphasis on crafting face masks. We’re helping to jumpstart this effort by co-designing and marketing custom face masks to help us raise funds for another favorite non-profit of ours, City of Good.

City of Good, which was spearheaded in part by our founder Russ Stoddard, is a collective community effort born of the pandemic to put people back to work, feed school children experiencing hunger, and rebuild a local, living economy here in Boise. City of Good aims to reframe our current crises as opportunities by getting our out-of-work restaurant community back in action AND supporting food insecure children through nutritious, locally sourced and thoughtfully produced meals.

By purchasing a City of Good mask,* you provide employment for S H E’s seamstresses and critical funding for City of Good and its initiatives. With this simple action, you’re not only protecting public health, but also encouraging, supporting, and shifting our economy in a way that supports the whole community, and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) in particular.

You can donate directly to either cause on their websites or add a new City of Good mask* to your rotation as a way of showcasing your support for these awesome initiatives.

Because this city is good, we know you are, too. We also know that regardless of where you live, you’re working to build your own city of good in many different ways. So please join us in creating cities and communities of which we can be proud and support this effort as you are able.


*Profits from City of Good masks sales will go directly to City of Good operations. Each purchase also allows us to support the operations of S H E (Style Her Empowered).