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A Sustainable Snack With A Microbrew Twist

Holly Conti / May 18, 2017

A Bay Area startup is recycling leftover grain from urban breweries to make a sustainable snack bar that for the masses. From one socially responsible business to another, we had to give them a try and we weren't disappointed to say the least. 

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BYOB– Bring Your Own Baby, (To Work That Is).

Holly Conti / May 11, 2017

A baby? In the workplace? You'll find them at Oliver Russell. We hope to see more employers offer this benefit to their employees, too. 

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HP Sustainability Reporting Gains Impact Via Visual Storytelling

Russ Stoddard / May 04, 2017

Sustainability in business. It seems as if you can’t escape the topic these days and much of the talk centers on new startups that are developing sustainable technologies. But what about the corporate giants that have had sustainability on their radar for years? 

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Inbound Marketing for Social Enterprises or Nonprofits: Part Three – Conversions

Jay Saenz / April 27, 2017

Content is king in any inbound marketing strategy, but your bread and butter will come from turning your readers into buyers. In part three of our series we discuss the necessary elements needed for successful conversions.  

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For the Love of Parks: We Help Shine the Spotlight on Local Parks Across the Country

Dan Stone / April 20, 2017

Positive social impact, community growth, and environmental awareness– that's what we call an ideal project. 

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Inbound Marketing For Socent

Inbound Marketing for Social Enterprises or Nonprofits: Part Two – Creating Content

Jay Saenz / April 19, 2017

In this week's installment of our Inbound Marketing series we discuss how to identify topics for your content based on your target audience and your company’s expertise. We’ll also discuss how to plan the creation of that content.

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Inbound Marketing for Social Enterprises and Nonprofits: Part One – What is Content Marketing?

Jay Saenz / April 13, 2017

This is the first in a new series featuring inbound marketing. In part one, we'll dive into the foundations of content marketing and why it matters for your social enterprise or nonprofit. 

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Flynner Opener

Brand Development for B Corporations

Russ Stoddard / April 11, 2017

When a brand's logo doesn't represent the quality of work we know they produce, we can't help but chime in– especially when they are a fellow B Corp. That's exactly what happened with Flynner Design + Build and from the client himself, the result of the new logo was "kick ass."

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Deloitte Millennial Survey 2017: A Lot Has Changed in a Year

Holly Conti / April 05, 2017

Think you know what millennials want from your business? Just as we thought we had millennials figured out, their priorities start to change. One thing that has stayed steady though is their connection to meaningful work.

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Content Marketing For Social Enterprises

Russ Stoddard / March 28, 2017

Landing a client is hard – landing a client 14 time zones away is near impossible. Enter: Content Marketing, our favorite tool for attracting clients that are connected to our mission. 

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Get Started with Sustainable Web Design in 2017

Stuart Walsh / March 21, 2017

Your website might not be the first item you think of when building a sustainable business, but the equipment used to deliver content to your visitors takes a lot of electricity. 

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Social Enterprise Gets Vertical

Russ Stoddard / March 16, 2017

Vertical Harvest is a new urban farm in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Not only is the structure itself innovative, the farm stretches up instead of out, but the company showcases what it means to be socially responsible by building meaningful employment for the disabled right into its business model. We love this business so much we signed on to sponsor a documentary that tells its tale!

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Digital Marketing and Yoga Poses - All in a Day’s Work for Newest Team Member

Russ Stoddard / March 09, 2017

“Simply put, I have been professionally stalking your social presence in anticipation of the moment you were ready to add the next good person to your team.”

Now how can you not continue reading past that lead sentence in a cover letter for a job opening—even when you’ve sifted through 100+ cover letters and your attention level is fleeting?

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04 Company Soul Purpose

Rise Up: Building a Company with Soul and Purpose

Dan Stone / March 02, 2017

There’s a new trend on the corporate horizon—one that emphasizes doing good and making money. And it’s taking the business world by storm. Oliver Russell’s founder, Russ Stoddard, act as your guide in the new book Rise Up—How to Build a Socially Conscious Business. 

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Oliver Russell Gains Best Workplace and Employee Impact Award

Russ Stoddard / February 08, 2017

What’s a company without the people who work there, we ask you?

Pretty basic notion, especially while we humans are still running the show, robots and AI be damned!

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New Purpose Driven Clients Thumb

New Purpose-Driven Clients Select Oliver Russell

Russ Stoddard / January 27, 2017

It’s rewarding to specialize in marketing for companies and organizations with products, services, or business models that benefit society.

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Generation Z, Millennials, and You

Generation Z grew up in the shadow of the most diverse and populous generation since the baby boomers—millennials. But unlike millennials, they are true digital natives and have come/are coming of age with unlimited internet access, established social media platforms, abundant access to high-speed internet and “smart” devices of all kinds, the most ubiquitous being smartphones and tablets. In a big way, their lives are defined by the space they inhabit in the digital world.  

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Impact Investing Finds its Force For Good

Russ Stoddard / January 11, 2017

We are teaming up with more than 20 B Corp CEOs to help launch the world’s first B Corp accelerator, the Force for Good Accelerator / Fund.

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A Peek into Santa’s Workshop: The Making of 25 Days of Awesome

Shawna Samuelson / December 15, 2016

We’re celebrating our 25th anniversary with a daily holiday sweepstakes contest called 25 Days of Awesome. Get a behind the scenes look at how the campaign came together—and even managed to launch on time.

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Digital Marketing for Social Justice

Russ Stoddard / December 08, 2016

We’re using the tools of our profession to help support Jim Walker—a man wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for 22 years.

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Giddy About Content Management

Stuart Walsh / December 06, 2016

If there’s one thing Oliver Russell takes seriously, it’s content. We take our content management system just as seriously—which is why we use Craft CMS. 

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Are You Ready for 25 Days of Awesome?

Jay Saenz / December 01, 2016

We are happy to celebrate our 25th anniversary in business this year! Since the beginning, we’ve done our best to live according to our values: we strive to be creative, collaborative, progressive, and socially responsible in all our dealings—even our celebrations! 

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Three New Clients: One Common Goal

Russ Stoddard / November 21, 2016

We recently picked up branding, food packaging, and web redesign assignments from three interesting companies. While all three are vastly different, they share a common thread—trying to operate in ways that are beneficial to our planet. 

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I Mac Desk

10 Things We Learned From Our Site Redesign

Adie Bartron / November 09, 2016

When we set out to redesign our website we wanted to create a beautiful yet simple site that offers insight into our company, showcases our work, and offers helpful, thought-provoking content.

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